Retrospective exhibition May 2011

There is a retrospective exhibition of John Butterworth’s work from Thursday 12 May to Saturday 4 June 2011 at the AIM art gallery in Milton Keynes.

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It is with deep sadness that I must inform visitors that John passed away in June 2010. This is a commemorative non-commercial website to celebrate John's life and work.

John Butterworth studied art at various art colleges. He worked as an artist in Milton Keynes for many years and exhibited work with the Silbury Group at CBX exhibitions, Milton Keynes Gallery, Northampton University Gallery and most recently at Camden Art Gallery

John's work is in public and private collections and his work is on display in public places.

John’s abstract work examines the subtle relationships between line and colour and is influenced by the beauty of mathematical relationships found in nature and music. The work is accessible to all, as it can be understood both on an emotional and intellectual level. John's most recent work is a range of large abstract, digitally conceived canvases.

John became increasingly fascinated by astronomical photography and combined this with religious iconography. Often up to two metres tall his large photographic collages were produced using digital computer technology.

Video of John's exhibitions

If you would like to leave comments about John's artwork work please visit the JohnButterworth-art guestbook.

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